The right photo for your online dating profile

A picture speaks a thousand words – and no more so than in your online dating profile. It’s well worth spending time on this if you want to make the best impression. A good photo can make a real difference to the number of dates that you receive so it’s surprising that little attention is often paid to it.

Having an attractive photo will naturally encourage more interest in your profile and the likelihood that people will contact you. With the advances in technology, it’s easy to take good photos and edit them, taking out red eye or unwanted background for instance.

Being able to crop, enlarge and change the colour of photos radically alters what we can do with images without having to rely on the services of a professional. The advent of powerful editing software available for free and via browsers means that it’s easy to complement your photos with the aid of post-production techniques.

There’s an element of skill in taking a good photo but at the same time it’s very easy to take a bad one. However a few simple tips can put you on the road to ensuring that your images are eye-catching and subsequently attracting more interest in your dating profile.

Know the capabilities of your camera

Get to grips with what your camera can do; if you can get hold of a digital SLR camera so much the better. However, it’s surprising just how good the cheaper cameras are today and the settings they have that enable you to take relatively professional photographs.

So, play around with the settings to see which renders the best results – keep the resolution of the final picture high so that you can edit it later and retain a good quality image. This is far better than using a webcam or a mobile phone camera – they are improving considerably nowadays but still not in the same league as a proper camera.

Get someone to take the photo

Where possible find a friend or family member to take the picture. This will avoid you having to either extend your arms to take a self-portrait or setting up on a tripod and then trying to position yourself in frame.

The other person can help capture your best features and help you to be more relaxed. Remember to smile!

Ensure there is enough light

The best results are outdoors in good light. If the sun is shining make sure you take the photo with it in front of you, not behind.

Outdoor photos often have more life and energy about them and at least show that you’re not a couch potato. It’s much more attractive to see that someone likes to be out and about and not locked behind closed doors, rarely venturing anywhere.

In fact, cameras often don’t react well in low lighting levels with the flash resulting in an overexposed photo. Even if the photo is taken at a lower shutter speed it’s likely to be cause blurring of the image. A tripod is really required if an indoor or at night photo is absolutely necessary.

Take close ups

Take straight forward head and shoulders shots as these are normally required by all dating sites. Get as close to the camera as possible without blurring the photo. Busy or untidy backgrounds should be avoided so as not to cause a distraction. It’s all about you – so dominate the photo!

Take multiple images

The beauty of digital means we can take as many photos as we need, so make the most of this to get the best picture for your profile. Dating sites will often allow you to upload multiple images which means you can really show off your personality engaged in your hobbies, with friends, enjoying the countryside – whatever you like to do. This also helps people viewing your profile to try to get an impression of what you’re like and if you would be the kind of person they’d like to meet up with.

Editing the photo

There are some great free tools out there to edit photos after they’ve been taken; most computers with have Microsoft Office Paint but you could also try Gimp ( for free. Cropping can help to improve the composition of the photo and you can play around with the colour and tones to make the photo more powerful.

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