Tips for starting new relationships – part 1

Are you ready for a relationship?

This very much depends on your current situation. If you’ve had your heart shattered then you are probably acting on the rebound by heading straight into a new relationship. Much better to give yourself a minimum of six months to a year of being single – and try to enjoy it. Use the time to get to feel comfortable with your own company, catch up with old friends, take up a new hobby or interest. Only once you are truly happy being with you will be ready for love and not a moment before.

Meet lots of people

Get out more and build your circle of friends and acquaintances. This could be through your current network or joining new groups and clubs. The more people you meet, the more chances you have of finding someone special.

Blind dates

Very few people meet their life partner in their home town these days and a fast growing number of mature singles over the age of 50 are turning to online dating sites to find romance. It has fast become socially acceptable to meet people online, particularly with the huge growth in older people using Facebook and other social media platforms.

Other avenues include introduction agencies as well as speed dating. Whatever approach you take just make sure when do meet face-to-face, it’s in a public place and you let at least one friend know where you’re going, who you’re meeting and that you have your mobile with you. Otherwise have fun.

Approaching someone you like

If there’s someone that you’re already interested in then invite them to a social event. There are plenty of activities you could arrange such as indoor bowling or a trip to the theatre followed by dinner. Having the opportunity to talk to that person without being on a date keeps the pressure off and you calm and relaxed. If all goes well you could suggest going for a coffee at some point and then take things from there.

Signs that someone likes you

Reading body language can sometimes be difficult but there are signs which are relatively easy to pick up. These can include lots of eye contact, casual touching of the arm and standing inside your personal space when you’re talking together. Other body language to watch out for includes mirroring your gestures and posture as well as intently listening to you and nodding as you speak.

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