Tips for starting new relationships – part 2

First dates

It’s best not to expect too much on your first date, after all if you put too much pressure on yourself or the other person you have no chance of enjoying your time with them.

The purpose should really be to see if you feel comfortable with them and want to meet them again; a good idea is to keep it to an hour or so rather than choosing to go out for dinner and having to spend the whole evening together. If you like each other that much there will be plenty of opportunity for this on future dates!

Contact them again

If you enjoyed your time with your date than by all means phone or text to tell them that and ask if they’d like to meet up again. The intention is to see if they feel the same way. If not, then simply move on. Equally if you are not keen on them, be honest and let them know gently that you thought they were very nice but that you didn’t think you were compatible and wish them luck in the future. After all everyone is going through the same process in finding a relationship so it pays to be kind to each other.

Deciding if you want a second date

Unless you really didn’t enjoy your first encounter with them, then it’s generally a good idea to go on a second date to explore if you have more in common. People tend to get so nervous on the first date that it’s difficult to be on best form. Maybe they didn’t talk very much because they were shy and needed time to open up. It can happen to us all. A second date provides a further opportunity to get to know more about each other before making any decisions. If you don’t enjoy their company the second time round then best leave it there.


It takes time to get used to other people as we’re all individuals so it’s important not to jump to too many conclusions early on in the relationship. If your date turns up late, doesn’t phone when arranged, gets the time mixed up for when you’re due to meet then don’t get too frustrated. We all make mistakes and deserve forgiveness. If you find that it’s a regular occurrence though, then think twice about whether this is the type of person you want to be in a relationship with longer term.

Blossoming relationships

Relationships can become all-consuming especially when you get on so well. However, don’t forget your friends and also spend some time on your own, engrossed in your hobbies and interests. The relationship will actually be more healthy for it.



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